ISO to USB 1.0

A program that allows configuring of a USB drive so you can boot from it

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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ISO to USB 1.0
ISO to USB 2014

ISO to USB is a Windows program that makes bootable USB flash drives.

ISO to USB is a small standalone application for Windows that helps you turn ISOs into bootable USB flash drives. You can convert an ISO that you’ve downloaded or ripped from disc, or you can directly access a CD, DVD or Blu-ray or any other similar bootable media.

Read speeds from disc are slow, and that’s become clearer flash as drives and other alternatives have become more prevalent. If you installing Windows from CD, for instance, that process is much slower than installing it from a USB drive. So, ISO to USB is one option that can help you turn your bootable disc media into a format suitable for a bootable USB drive.

The program can perform a full or quick format, convert the ISO as necessary and then, write it to the flash drive. ISO to USB does not, however, have a portioning feature. Modern USB flash drives are quite large, and many will be more than ample for your ISO. Without portioning, however, all available storage space will be used, and if you want portioning, you’ll need to do that with another program.

The user interface probably couldn’t be simpler. Select an ISO or other source. Selection a destination USB flash drive. Start the process. That’s all there is to it. The process does tend to be on the slow side comparatively, but it’s also freeware and probably perfect if you’re just converting an ISO or two.

It’s also worth noting that ISO to USB can become unresponsive at times, which is certainly a shortcoming. However, note that in our experience it wasn’t actually freezing up or becoming unstable. It was just failing to update the UI. Give it some time, and it will eventually update correctly.


  • Convert an ISO to bootable USB
  • Full and quick formatting


  • No built-in partitioning

ISO to USB is a program that allows you to make any USB storage device you want bootable.

ISO files are files that copy the contents of a disk into an image. You can then burn the disk image onto another disk and use it to install an operating system on a computer. You can also often boot the computer directly using the operating system. The problem with this approach is that it can be slow depending on how fast the CD or DVD drive in your computer is. It can also be loud. Additionally, CDs and DVDs are often more difficult to store and keep track of then something like a USB device.

This program allows you to use a disk image file and boot your computer with it. You will image the ISO file directly onto the drive. You can then plug in the USB device and boot from it just like you would a disk. This is convenient since it allows you options such as putting an operating system on a USB stick and then taking it around with you. All you have to do is put the USB stick into any computer that’s compatible and you will then have access to that operating system.

One of the main benefits to the ISO to USB program is that it’s simple and has an easy to follow interface. It also has several options to allow you more choices during the process. For example, you can format a flash drive right to FAT32, or to exFAT, or to NTFS if you prefer. These are different types of hard drive formats. All you have to do is find the ISO file on your computer in the program while a USB drive is plugged in. The program will then do all the heavy lifting in terms of making the image work.


One of the main benefits to the program is that it gives you quick formatting. Many other programs of this type go through the formatting process slowly. The interface is also quite simple to use. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting around for what you want. The interface begins with the browse button for your ISO file at the top. It then has the USB drive selector screen. You can then choose the file system format you want from the drop-down menu. There’s also a status section which tells you whether the program has finished reading the ISO file you chose or not yet. The volume label area on the bottom right lets you choose a label for the volume. Finally, at the bottom is the “Burn” button. Beyond the interface, another benefit is that the using an ISO from USB means that you can install an operating system faster than using a DVD.


One major downside is that many testers claimed that the program has a tendency to cause your system to freeze. Another downside is that the program does not give you any way to create partitions.

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